Dave Ramsey House: He Paid Millions Cash for his Franklin TN Home (2024)

  • Dave Ramsey sold his Franklin, Tennessee home in 2021 for $10.5 million
  • Ramsey and his wife recently built a brand new home south of Franklin, TN.
  • As of 2022, Dave Ramsey has amassed a net worth of $200 million.
  • Dave and Sharon Ramsey are both Evangelical Christians.
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David Lawrence Ramsey III is a businessman, author, and host of the syndicated radio show The Dave Ramsey Show, which is broadcast on over 500 stations throughout the US and Canada and can even be heard on some music streaming services such as iHeartRadio. In addition to hosting a successful radio program, Ramsey has also published numerous books aimed towards teaching readers how to properly manage debt as well as how to better budget household finances. Prior to his fame as a talk show host, however, Dave Ramsey was a real estate investor and owner of Ramsey Investments, Inc. By 1986, the Dave Ramsey house portfolio we often hear about had already grown to over $4 million. Below is an in-depth look at Dave Ramsey’s life, his career, and his drool-worthy mansion in Franklin Tennessee.

WhereDoes Dave Ramsey Live?

Both Dave Ramsey and his wife, Sharon, lived in a 13,517 square foot home in Franklin, Tennessee. They bought the land in 2008 and resided on the property until listing it in 2021. As of 2022, Ramsey is reportedly living in his new home south of Franklin.

Keep reading for all the deets on their beautiful homes as well as a incredible Dave Ramsey home photos!

Dave Ramsey House (Former)

Dave Ramsey New House Tennessee

Dave Ramsey House (Former)

As previously stated, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey purchased this 5-acre property (land only) in April 2008 for $1.5 million (much to the relief of many of Ramsey’s listeners, the radio host paid for the home in cash – something he frequently encourages others to do). The gorgeous 2-story French Chateau-inspired mansion in Franklin, Tennessee boasts 7 bathrooms – one of which reportedly features 18 heads in the shower, and there are also rumors of an office lined with insanely expensive mahogany somewhere in the home as well.

Notable features of the property include a spacious swimming pool and entertainment space outback, an elevator, fireplace, swimming pool, a 4,764 square foot basem*nt, and a spacious 437 square foot attached garage. The Dave Ramsey house also sits right next door to LeAnn Rimes’s former digs, which she sold in 2012 for $4.1M.

Since luxury real estate value was on the rise in 2021, Ramsey and fam decided to list their mega mansion for $16 million and ended up selling the place for around $10.5 million not long after listing.

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Dave Ramsey New House Tennessee

After selling their mansion in Franklin, Tennessee, Dave and Sharon reportedly used the $10 million from the sale of their home to build a new residence on some land they own just south of the city.

While details are scarce on Ramsey’s new home, sources say that the residence is valued at $4.5 million.

Dave RamseyNet Worth

Though Ramsey had some financial troubles in the past, the man and his fam are now completely debt-free, and in fact, Ramsey himself is rumored to have amassed a net worth of $200 million today – not bad, not bad at all!

Oh, and about those Dave Ramsey private jet rumors – we’ve done a ton of digging and see no evidence that he owns a jet.

Who IsDave Ramsey?

Born September 3, 1969, in Antioch, Tennessee, David Ramsey had an interest in business and real estate at a young age, graduating in 1982 with a degree in Real Estate and Finance at the College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

After graduating from college, Ramsey went on to become a real estate investor and started a company called Ramsey Investments, Inc. Despite a strong start in real estate, however, Ramsey would run into some issues that would force him to file bankruptcy after the bank that financed his real estate was sold off to a larger bank that called for him to immediately repay his loans.

This early hardship would be a learning moment in Ramsey’s life since he would spend the next several years working to climb out of debt and recover from these financial woes using methods that he would later share with others struggling with debt.

After recovering financially, Dave Ramsey began attending seminars on consumer financial problems, which is where he likely found inspiration for his own lessons on how to better manage money. In 1992, Ramsey wrote his first book on the topic, titled Financial Peace.

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Currently, Dave Ramsey continues to give financial advice vie books and his highly popular radio series The Dave Ramsey Show. He and his wife of 38 years, Sharon Ramsey, reside in Franklin, Tennessee and share 3 children together; Rachel Cruze, Denise Ramsey, and Daniel Ramsey. Both Sharon and Dave are devout evangelical Christians and Dave frequently incorporates his faith into his discussions about business and finances.

By the way, if you’re wondering ‘how old is Dave Ramsey?’ – he’s currently 61 years old as of 2022!

DaveRamsey Family

Ever been curious as to what the family of this famous financial expert is like? We’re giving you an inside look at not just Dave Ramsey himself, but also the other members of his uber-successful family. Keep reading to learn more!

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Daniel Ramsey is the youngest of Dave’s 3 children andcurrently acts as the Senior Vice President of Financial Peace at RamseySolutions, a company started by his father. He graduated from the University ofTennessee, Knoxville in 2014 and has followed in his dad’s footsteps eversince.


The oldest of the Ramsey children, Rachel Cruze admitted tohating the idea of budgeting growing up, but she also states that she latercame to appreciate it when she reached adulthood. In fact, it seems Cruzefollowed in her father’s footsteps as well and she now educates others onmanaging money. She hosts a web series on her site (rachelcruze.com) and haseven written 4 best-selling books on the topic of developing healthy spendinghabits and budgeting.


Though there isn’t much information out there regardingDave’s youngest daughter, Denise, what we have gathered is that she reportedlyoperates the Ramsey Family Foundation. Her job is to review and research theon-goings within the organization to ensure that it doesn’t stray from the coregoals.


The wife of Dave Ramsey for over 3 decades, Sharon has been with her hubby through thick-and-thin. She was a stay a home mom that cared for their 3 children and worked hard to budget their daily expenses while Dave Ramsey worked on paying off debts. The couple has spoken openly about their early marriage struggles during those difficult times, but they worked through it together and in the end, remain happily married to this day.

DaveRamsey Home Buying

In Ramsey’s guide to buying a house, on his website daveramsey.com, Dave highlights 4 important steps for those looking to make a home purchase. If you’re not in the mood for a bunch more reading, however, (or you just love Velvet Ropes too much to leave) we’ll give you the cliff notes on some of his best advice below!

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Dave Ramsey Buying a House

In his to-do list for future home buyers, Ramsey writes that you should ensure all your debts are paid off prior to purchasing a property, including student loans and credit cards.

Additionally, he states that you should save up to 3 to 6 months worth of expenses and emergency funds for any issues that may arise on top of 10-20% of your home’s price for a down payment. He also suggests getting a 15-year fixed mortgage rate in order to save money instead of a variable or 30-year mortgage.

Ramsey also emphasizes the importance of finding the right real estate agent that is willing to help you determine what home is right for you and ensure that you’re not going to overpay for your home. His site states that you should buy a house with an agent who serves not sells.

It’s also important that your agent is willing to answer anyquestions you have and help guide you through any issues that may arise while buyinga home.

How muchhouse can I afford?

On his website, Ramsey offers some helpful tools, including a mortgage calculator, to help you determine how much house you can afford. In his 4 steps to home buying, he also says that your monthly mortgage payments should equal no more than 25% of your take-home pay. As an example, he writes that if you’re bringing home $2,400 monthly and your partner is bringing home $2,600 monthly, your take-home pay would be $5,000. With this in mind, he suggests, your house payment should not exceed $1,250.

It’s an incredibly conservative approach, he admits, but he stands by his methods!









Dave Ramsey House: He Paid Millions Cash for his Franklin TN Home (2024)


Dave Ramsey House: He Paid Millions Cash for his Franklin TN Home? ›

Ramsey listed his 6-bedroom, 9-bathroom, 13,545-square-foot mansion in the affluent rural Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tenn., for $15.45 million in February of 2021, according to Realtor.com. He sold the massive luxury property in August of 2021 for $10.2 million, according to online property sites.

Did Dave Ramsey sell his house in Tennessee? ›

Dave Ramsey, the personal finance whiz, has sold his Franklin, TN, estate for $10.2 million. He placed his palatial residence on the market in February for $15.45 million. A deal closed at 34% off Ramsey's asking price for a smaller 5-acre portion of the original offering, according to property records.

Is Dave Ramsey a billionaire? ›

At the age of 26, Dave Ramsey's real estate portfolio was worth $4 million, and his net worth was just over $1 million. 6As of 2021, his net worth is around $200 million.

How much did Ramsey headquarters cost? ›

But inside the company's $42 million headquarters, which opened in 2019 in Franklin, Tennessee, Ramsey's orchestration of what he calls a “predictable and reliable and safe and godly” company has been under stress from COVID-19, and Ramsey's demands for unquestioning loyalty.

What real estate company does Dave Ramsey own? ›

Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) realtors program is a free service that matches you with local real estate agents “endorsed” by Dave Ramsey, the well-known personal finance author and radio host. The ELP service is part of Ramsey's company, Ramsey Solutions.

Does Dave Ramsey live in Franklin, Tennessee? ›

The man who famously disavowed debt has listed his home in Franklin, Tennessee, outside Nashville for almost $16 million after about 12 years of living in the 13,500-square-foot, six-bedroom, seven-bathroom property. He plans to use the money to build a new home without taking out a mortgage.

Has the Ramsey House been sold? ›

The home was sold to an investor for $650,000, according to the Post. The profits of the sale were pledged to the JonBenét Ramsey Children's Foundation.

How much does Dave Ramsey retire for? ›

When it comes to saving for retirement, money expert Dave Ramsey knows exactly how much you should be setting aside. Ramsey's recommendation, which he shared on his website Ramsey Solutions, is to invest 15% of your gross income into your 401(k) and IRA every month.

Was the Ramsey family rich? ›

They lived very well. According to financial records on the Ramsey family computer, John was worth $6 million. John was a former President of Access Technologies, a company that he had recently sold to Lockheed Martin. Patsy was a stay-at-home mom and former beauty queen (Miss West Virginia, 1977).

How did Dave Ramsey become a millionaire at 26? ›

He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in finance and real estate. After getting married and moving back to Nashville, Ramsey began building wealth through buying and selling property. By 26 years old, he was rich — and had amassed a small real estate empire.

How does Dave Ramsey make so much money? ›

It's difficult to know a private person's exact net worth – but best estimates put Dave Ramsey's net worth at a hefty $200 million. His real estate profile is reported to account for $150 million of that total. The host of the Ramsey Show initially made most of his money in real estate.

How many employees does Ramsey have? ›

As of September 2023, reported active-duty troops included: 453,551 in the Army. 332,322 in the Navy. 318,698 in the Air Force.

Does Dave Ramsey have a wife? ›

Personal life. Ramsey married his wife Sharon in 1982, and the Ramseys have three children, including Rachel Cruze. All three work for Ramsey Solutions.

How much does it cost to sell a house Dave Ramsey? ›

According to Dave Ramsey, a home seller can expect to spend about 15% of the sale price of the home in transaction costs. When you break that down, that's a ton of cash. "If you sell a home for $300,000, you might pay around $45,000 to cover selling expenses," Ramsey explained.

How much is Dave Ramsey down on a house? ›

By the way, you should always aim for a down payment of at least 20%. Not only does a bigger down payment mean smaller monthly payments and less debt, but putting 20% down means you won't have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI)—potentially saving you hundreds every month.

What did Dave Ramsey's parents do for a living? ›

David Lawrence Ramsey III, born on September 3, 1960, in Antioch, Tennessee, comes from a family of real estate developers. His father, Real Estate Developer Ramsey Ramsey, and his mother, realtor Sylvia Ramsey, weren't people of enormous wealth.

What happened to the Ramsey House? ›

The property, located at 749 15th St., listed on March 1, 2023 with a hefty price tag of $6.95 million. Despite a significant price drop of $701,000 to $6.24 million seven months later, the home remained unsold.

Was the Ramsey House torn down? ›

Today, that house still stands and is named after him -- the Justus Ramsey home. It sits on the outdoor patio of Burger Moe's and is currently owned by that restaurant's owner, Moe Sharif.

What part of Nashville does Dave Ramsey live? ›

Ramsey listed his 6-bedroom, 9-bathroom, 13,545-square-foot mansion in the affluent rural Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tenn., for $15.45 million in February of 2021, according to Realtor.com.

Who owned the most visited house in Tennessee? ›

Graceland is a mansion on a 13.8-acre (5.6-hectare) estate in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, once owned by American singer Elvis Presley.


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