Parineetii 28th October 2023 Written Update: Neeti loses her cool (2024)

Parineetii 28th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shambhu revealing Bebe and Neeti’s names to Sanju. He says that they hired him to kill Parineet. Bebe says it’s a lie. Sanju asks her to shut up. Parineet asks them not to misunderstand Neeti. Whatever she did under Bebe’s influence. Neeti asks her to stop pretending to be a good person. Everyone likes Parineet here. They didn’t understand why she liked that. Parineet follows Neeti. Everyone glares at Bebe. Meanwhile, Parineet asks Neeti not to go anywhere. It’s her house. Neeti says that she has no rights in this house. She is facing humiliation here. Bebe asks the Bajwa’s why they are giving a look that she was the culprit, but they are innocent. Tao ji lashes out at her. He says that she guided Neeti onto a wrong path. She shouldn’t have given her wrong ideas. Bebe says that it’s not wrong. Neeti faced the betrayal first. Parminder says that they can’t play with Parineet’s life because of it. Bebe says that she is her mother-in-law. She has to be at her limit. Bebe creates a scene there and asks them to forgive her. Sanju asks her if it is possible? What if something happens to Parineet? She was behind everything.

Neeti asks Parineet why didn’t she stop her wedding? Then why did she do the Grahpravesh along with her? She can say that they were destined to be together. Maybe she did it intentionally. Neeti says that she isn’t in his life there, so she doesn’t want to stay there. Parineet tries to stop her from leaving. Neeti asks Parineet to stop her acting. Don’t show her fake tears. She wants to stay happy with her husband in this house. Parminder asks her if she is in her senses? She was ready to leave this house. But she tried to kill her. Parineet says that Neeti didn’t do it. Bebe influenced her to do it. She was in a depression. Neeti isn’t able to do it with her enemy either. Neeti asks her to stop it for god’s sake. Neeti pushes her down. Sanju scolds her. He helps her to stand. He asks her if she has turned mad. Neeti asks them to stop this Laila Majnu drama. He cares for Parineet but they don’t care about her at all. She asks Parineet to love him illegally.

Neeti scolds Parineet for continuing her talk. She was poking her head into her family matters. Sanju asks her what she is saying? Neeti asks him to stop pretending to care for her. She will pretend like she isn’t her best friend. Parineet keeps acting like she cares for her. She is happy to see her in this state. How she is acting in this way. She can’t see her using sugar-coated words. Sanju asks her to stop it. Neeti says that he can’t say a word against Parineet. She doesn’t know how Parineet always has tears in her eyes. She had to cry because she snatched her love from her. Sanju asks Parineet to go inside. Parineet asks him to leave her hand. Neeti is watching. Sanju says that the whole family is watching. They are not doing anything wrong. Their relationship is pure. Parineet says that Neeti doesn’t understand it. Sanju says that she cares for her friend but she isn’t giving heed to it. Neeti claps and says that both have an understanding relationship. She saw such relationships in her dream. She shouldn’t come between them.

Parineet asks Neeti to listen to her. She is carrying her baby full heart. She loves Neeti genuinely. Neeti says that Parminder gave this chunri to her to take care of this family as a daughter-in-law. She doesn’t deserve it. Sanju loved Parineet. She makes Parineet wear it and says that she is a perfect daughter-in-law of this house. She places Sanju’s hand on Parineet. She asks them to marry again. Sanju asks her if she loses her senses. He says that there was nothing between him and Parineet. Neeti says that he can’t even see a tear in her eyes. Sanju says that she is a good person. He cares for her. Neeti humiliates Parineet. Sanju says that she is his wife and she has her right. Sanju says that he isn’t wrong. It’s not wrong to care for Parineet. He loves Neeti. She has problems with his caring for Parineet. What about Parineet’s pain? She sacrificed everything for Neeti. He leaves from there.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet warns Bebe

Parineetii 28th October 2023 Written Update: Neeti loses her cool (2024)


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