Parineeti 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju calls Pari as his wife in front of Neeti - Telly Updates (2024)

Parineeti 28th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shanku tells everyone that I did all this because of Bebe and Neeti. They gave him this task. Bebe says he is lying. Sanju says don’t lie. Pari says don’t think Neeti is wrong, she did all that because Bebe provoked her. Neeti shouts at her to stop being a nice girl, you people trust her more than me, she took my place that’s why I did all that. She leaves from there. Pari goes behind her.

Neeti starts packing her bag. Pari comes there and says please don’t do this, please listen to me. This is your house. Neeti says they don’t accept me as my own, Pari says I will talk to them, please don’t leave.

Bebe tells the family that they should be ashamed of doubting her. Tayaji says enough, you provoked Neeti to do all this. Bebe says how can you say that Neeti is wrong? you people did wrong with her by giving more importance to Pari. Pami says so you told her to kill Pari? Bebe says I just helped Neeti, I am an old woman and might have gone crazy so just forgive me. Sanju says what if anything happened to Pari? she got attacked and you want us to forgive you? you could have stopped Neeti but you provoked her.

Neeti tells Pari that if Sanju and I got married then why did you take pheras with him? why did you enter the house with him when it was our garah parvesh? you always were in his life and I was just a fool to not see it. She takes her bags and comes to the lounge. Pari tries to stop her but Neeti says you must be happy that I am leaving. Pami says you are wrong, you tried to kill her and still blaming her? Pari says Bebe provoked her, I know Neeti and she can never hurt me, she lost her baby and didn’t know what was right so Bebe provoked her, its not her fault so don’t blame her. Neeti tells her to shut up. She pushes Pari and she falls down. Sanju rushes to Pari and shouts at Neeti to stop it. Neeti shouts at them to stop this drama, you both keep acting like lovers and both are shameless. Pari says don’t say that. Neeti tells her to shut up. You think you are most important here. Sanju says stop it. Neeti says she is not best friend but you keep caring for her more than me. She tells Pari to stop her drama. Sanju asks her to shut up. Neeti says you must be hurt that I am shouting at your Pari? I lost my husband and love but Pari is acting like she is the most pious woman. Sanju asks Pari to go to her bedroom. He tries taking her but she says leave my hand. Sanju says everyone knows we didn’t do anything, our relationship is pious and if Neeti can’t understand then its her fault. Pari says its not Neeti’s fault, any girl would think like her. Sanju says no.. she doesn’t understand what she is talking about, she has gone crazy. Neeti claps and says wow.. so much love and understanding between you both. Maybe I am coming between you both, I did a mistake so I should leave. Pari says he cares for me because I am carrying your baby. Neeti says everyone in this family takes you as a daughter in law. She gives Pami’s gift back to her and says I don’t think you people have accepted me as a daughter in law. She gives chunri to Pari and says she is the real daughter in law and Sanju’s wife. Pari says don’t say all that, its your right. Neeti starts mantras and tells Pari-Sanju to get married again if they want. Sanju shouts at her to stop it, I have nothing going on with Pari, I care for her because she is my wife, she has a right. Everyone is shocked hearing that. Sanju says what’s wrong if I care for her but I love you, you can’t respect anyone, you can’t respect Pari’s love for you. She keeps telling me take care of you but you are just a negative person, he angrily leaves.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Parineeti 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju calls Pari as his wife in front of Neeti - Telly Updates (2024)


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