Parineeti 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari finds out about an attack on her - Telly Updates (2024)

Parineeti 28th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Bebe tells Gurvindar that Sushmita’s daughter Neha saw Neeti throwing Pari in the well and she still remembers it.

Monty is taking to Sanju but Neeti pulls him to Pari and gives her hand in his hand but Pari stops her and gives her hand in Sanju’s. She moves to a side, Sanju thinks he has to dance with her to make Pari feel her my importance. He romantically dances with Neeti, Pari feels bad seeing that and runs from there.

Sanju comes to Pari and sees her crying, he says you didn’t like me dancing with Neeti? I can read your eyes, I know you didn’t like it. You are doing wrong by making me marry her. Pari says I don’t want to talk about it. Sanju says you love me a lot. Pari says we have to accept the truth. Sanju pulls her to Neeti’s room and says what if Neeti gets her memories back after marriage? we are playing with fire. Lets forget everything and run away from here. There was a time when I loved Neeti but then she crossed all her limits to keep me with her. She can get her memories back and be evil again. Neha wakes up and suddenly runs away from the cupboard. Sanju goes behind her.

Neeti comes to the family and they are all tensed. Neeti asks what happened? Pami says the police is here. Pari takes Neeti aside and says I want the truth from you. Why did you lie to me? why didn’t you tell me what the doctor told you? I can’t believe you would do something like that. I met up with your doctor and she told me everything. Neeti recalls her telling the doctor that she should lie to the family that she lost her memories. Neeti says I did what’s best for you. Pari says no, Sanju came in our lives after a long time, we have been friends since start so why are we spoiling our friendship for him? Why are we hurting each other?

Pami tells the family that maybe Pari will open her eyes now. Gurvindar asks what happened? Sanju says we were running behind Neha but she hid from us. We couldn’t find her. The flashback shows how Bebe found Neha and made her unconscious and hid her. The flashback ends.

Neeti thinks the doctor knows I did all this because I wanted to get Sanju. Pari asks Neeti why did she lie to her? Neeti says don’t be angry, I lied to you because you would have stopped me. Pari says why are you changing our relationship because of Sanju?

Sanju tells the family that Pari found Neeti’s doctor and she told her that she was attacked in the hospital by someone and Neeti hid that from her.

Pari tells Neeti that I was attacked in the hospital. Neeti says you think I did that? Pari says are you crazy, I can never think that. I am just saying Sanju hid that from me and you also agreed, why did you not tell me? Neeti sighs in relief and says I didn’t want to stress you that’s why I didn’t tell you. Pari says its okay, I will file a report. Sanju comes there and says I will go with you. Bebe says I have called the police here.

Pami tells Chandrika that we never focused on the attacker before. Chandrika says I think it must be Rakesh only. Pami says Rakesh never tried to kill Pari, that attacker tried to kill Pari so it wasn’t Rakesh. Chandrika says who must be that attacker? I think Neeti can’t be cruel, she can’t kill an innocent baby. Pami says Neeti can do anything to get Sanju.

Pari talks to the inspector and says I don’t think Rakesh was the attacker, he might kidnap me but wouldn’t kill me. That attacker hated me and wanted me dead. The inspector says we will investigate, he leaves. Sanju tries to talk to Pari but she ignores him.

Bebe tells Neeti that she thinks she shouldn’t get married to Sanju. There are so many things going against them. I think that priest was right, you might get exposed before this wedding. Neeti says I am not scared of anything.

Pari cries and tells Sanju that if she was alert then she might have stopped the attacker from killing our baby. Sanju says calm down, I even hired that spy but he couldn’t find the attacker.

Precap: Taiji says to Pari that Rakesh must be behind all this. Pari says to Taiji that the person can’t be Rakesh, it was someone who hates her so bad that wanted to kill her baby too.
Rajiv takes Phere with Pari and says he wants her to be his wife for all his life’s. Gurinder walks in and pours water over the fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Parineeti 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari finds out about an attack on her - Telly Updates (2024)


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