Parineeti 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari and Sanju tell Neeti the truth - Telly Updates (2024)

Parineeti 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari says she questioned me when she got to know. I didn’t tell anyone and I decided to go from here. It’d have fixed everything. So I called my mom so I go away from Neeti’s life. But then that attack happened on mummy ji. I decided I will leave once mummy ji is better. I can’t see Neeti in this pain. I shouldn’t have done that. I decided to go from here and never come back. Whenever I tried going from here smething happened. Whenever I tried not coming between them I ended up complicating their relationship. Salojna says you became a wall between a couple and now acting like a victim yourself like you did sacrifice yourself. Everyone wiping your tears. No one thought what Neeti is going through. She’s all alone Pami says stop it. This is equally your mistake. You knew Neeti knows but you didn’t tell us. Salojna says Gurinder tell them I told you. Pami says Gurinder you knew? Everyone knew but everyone was silent. This is shameful.

Neeti says to Sanju you should’ve killed me. Sanju says I make a huge mistake. Please forgive me. He wipes her tears. Neeti shoves him and says don’t you dare touch me with the hands you wipe Pari’s tears with me. SAnju says okay I won’t touch you but please listen. Neeti says nothing you say will make a difference. You married twice. Pari is living like my sautan as if she did something great. sanju says it’s about us only. Neeti says you brought her between us. Now when she’s between us she can’t be spared. Sanju says when wedding happened.. Neeti says dont’ act innocent now. No one would believe you. He says you’re thinking wrong. Neeti says it’s too late now. Nothing would happen. She leaves. sanju goes after her.

Salojna says to Pari looking at me won’t get you answers. She says no one saw Neeti’s pain. Everyone is wiping Pari’s tears. Are you all blind? Neeti comes and says no bebe. They all know my pain. They all had to be there with PAri. Sanju kept lying to me that he loves me only. Pari asked my husband to show my love. She asked him to love and fool me so their sin stays hidden. sanju says Neeti stop it. I know your anger is justified but let people speak. Sanju says you can say whatever you want to me. Neeit says when you loved me why did you marry her? Why? And you.. You were my wedding planner, this is what you planned for me? You both made a joke about my life. if you were both so comfortable why did you ruin my life and marry me? You always said you loved me and I was all blind. You broke my trust. Sanju says it’s not like that. Neeti says I don’t trust you anymore.

Pami says I understand your pain. You don’t know the whole truth. I want you to know the full truth. Sanju didn’t marry Pari on his will. Gurinder forced him to marry her. Gurinder says he did that to save her dad’s respect.

Sanju says no. No more lies. We will tell Neeti everything truth today. No lies today. A girl comes in front of my car and I fall in love with her at first sight. It was your Neeti. My mom was after getting me married. We came with your proposal but you said no. Because you didn’t want to live in the village. You had big dreams. I had big dreams like you as well. I wanted to be an architect. But mom said she won’t let me go from village until I marry so I married Pari to get my way out of there. I am sorry Pari but I never loved you. I always loved Neeti.

Sanju says hence I left Pari at her mom’s place and came here to work. I met you again here. You had become an airhostess. I only loved you. I didn’t know any right or wrong. I only wanted to be with you. Pari says when I got to know the truth it was too late. You were both married at that time. When I tried to tell you the truth you met an accident. I didn’t want to risk your life. Neeti says you took such a big decision for my life yourself? Why didn’t you tell me? Sanju says I tried to tell you the truth. I wrote you a letter in which I wrote I can’t marry you but your mom got sick. I couldn’t give her any shock. Neeti says great, very good. You both are blaming me again. I was pregnant so you didn’t tell me and you married me because my mom was sick. Sanju says no. I only loved you. I will always love you. Neeti says stop it.

Pami says you’re seeing everything from your perspective. See their problems as well. They’re both apologizing. They are begging you. Sanju is tell you he only loves you. Look at Pari, she can fight anything for you. She left her husband for you. And you’re hating her? Neeti says I did everything right? You all didn’t do anything. You were elder, you could tell me the truth. no one did. Everyone kept lying. How can relationships be based on lies/ Pari says I requested everyone to not tell you because of yourr condition. Neeti says wow, everyone listens to you here only. If you all love her so much why am I in this house? My husband behaves odd with me as well. Sanju says it’s only reaction to what you say. You tried to kill Pari. The pari who got ready to give birth to our child. How can you be so selfish. How can you forget she’s pregnant with our child. You risked this family’s happiness for your own. Neet says that’s all a lie. sanju says it’s not. It’s true. You and bebe both are involved in this.

Shamu wakes up. His head hurts. Sanju says don’t try to run. we only want to know who made this plan. Who asked you to kill Pari? Or I can send you to police. He says I will tell you everything. He looks at Neeti. He says Salojna and Neeti asked me to do all this.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says she did everything under bebe’s influence. Neeti shoves her and says stop this drama. Stop pretending that you care for me and I will also stop pretending she’s my best friend. You care for your illegitimate relation. Sanju shouts and says she’s my wife. It’s her right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Parineeti 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari and Sanju tell Neeti the truth - Telly Updates (2024)


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