Emissions target for building projects (2024)

Emissions target for building projects (1)

Since 2020, AF Bostäder has carried out climate impact calculations for all new construction projects, something that will be required by law from 2022. The aim is to map and reduce the impact of new construction on the climate.

So far, AF Bostäder has carried out climate impact calculations at Hippocampus and Pireus. The calculations are primarily focused on the main shell and facades, as these cause most of the emissions in new construction. After the calculations, AF Bostäder has set up an internal target that emissions in the next construction project, which is Rhodos at Campuskilen, are not to exceed 200 kilos of carbon dioxide equivalents per square metre, corresponding to a 25% reduction compared with the average at Hippocampus and Pireus.

Latest update June 1, 2022

We build new

Rhodos – a colossal climate-friendly student housing area
Pireus – inviting, secure and Nordic Swan eco-labelled
Hippocampus – A memory for life
Marathon - the best location in Lund
Sagoeken - a fairy tale among oaks
Proto - First, best and most beautiful
Vegalyckan - for students and children
Dammhagen - the iron in the city
Bokompakt - think less and build more
Magasinet 15 - Ultra-central everyday luxary
Sustainable housing Biotopia – for the insects! AF Bostäder is setting up an increasing number of areas with an aim to promote insects and birdlife. Biotopia opened in November 2022 – a buzzing housing area for insects. Sustainable housing You have the power. Use it wisely! In 2022, Sweden was affected by dramatic rises in electricity costs and the risk of electricity shortages, and it became more important to help out in saving electricity for financial and solidarity reasons. AF Bostäder has for many years worked in a target-oriented way on improving energy efficiency, and the initiatives have been continually expanded. During the autumn, the company also launched a campaign to encourage students to be economical with electricity. Sustainable housing Good preparedness for torrential rain AF Bostäder works preventively on runoff water management in order to reduce the risk of damage from torrential rain. According to a risk review by VA Syd, preparedness is predominately good. Sustainable housing District heating – a secure basis for a sustainable energy mix AF Bostäder uses district heating to heat almost all the radiators and hot water in its properties. District heating is a locally produced, easy-to-manage, reliable, resource-efficient and cost-effective form of heating. It is also eco-friendly – 99.8% of the district heating in Lund consists of renewable, recycled heat. Sustainable housing Ideas for sustainable housing In November, Lund University organised Climathon on the theme of Sustainable Student Housing, with AF Bostäder as principal partner. Exciting ideas were contributed by both Lund residents and students. Sustainable housing Reuse initiatives point to future challenges The Swedish construction industry has come a long way regarding recycling, and now the focus is increasingly turning towards reuse and circular construction. In connection with demolition work at Kämnärsrätten, AF Bostäder has carried out several successful projects for the reuse of fixtures and fittings. The company notes that reuse on a larger scale requires new knowledge, new networks and far-reaching changes in the sector. Sustainable housing Enhanced wellbeing in smaller corridors In order to enhance wellbeing, some of the larger corridors at Delphi has been converted into smaller units. The tenants have been involved in choosing the colour schemes. Sustainable housing Ulrikedal gets the best conceivable outdoor life In a two-year initiative, AF Bostäder has renovated and renewed the outdoor environment at Ulrikedal. In addition to technical maintenance and improved waste systems, the initiative has given the students secure, well-lit bicycle parking spaces, pleasant areas for socialising where lawns and meadows are interspersed with barbecue areas, boule court, outdoor gym and much more. Sustainable housing Strong focus on indirect emissions in scope 3 AF Bostäder has achieved good results in measuring and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in its own operations and from purchased energy. Now, the focus is intensifying on other indirect emissions. A recent review is to form the basis for reducing emissions from new construction projects and property management. Sustainable housing Sedum and meadows promote biodiversity One of AF Bostäder’s prioritised global goals concerns protecting biodiversity and natural living environments. AF Bostäder promotes a great variety of species by means such as confining new construction to areas with already impervious surfaces and laying sedum roofs. Much remains to be done and several new initiatives are under way. Sustainable housing Success for the recycling shelves! The students can hand in waste such as batteries, electronic devices, light sources and bulky furniture in the Green Room, which also has the popular recycling shelf where objects disappear just as fast as they are handed in.

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Emissions target for building projects (2024)


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